What the Queen Wants

What the Queen Wants

Hello!  It's been a very long time since I last posted a project. I've been busy, but through some big events, I've not made time to update my social media--even less than usual (smiles). Even though I relaxed a bit on making posts, I have been busy creating new projects, many of them relating to Christmas. Today's post was actually written some time ago (March 2016) but I am just now sharing. Enjoy and thanks for visiting!



It's birthday season here. I usually prepare in advance for making special birthday cards for my family members. Since last Christmas, I've challenged myself to create designs that reflect a bit of their personalities. I have also created personalized or monogrammed card sets as small gifts to them. Below are photos of a card I made for my dear sister. It features a color that I've seen her use before in artwork that she selected for her home. The sentiment with this one is "what the queen wants, the queen gets..." I'll feature the gift note set that I created for her in a future post.


SM633-Queen-Birthday-2 SM633-Queen-Birthday-3


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